April 23, 2019 Tuesday
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Training for air force pilots to resume in Hungary
Training for air force pilots and air traffic controllers will be relaunched in Hungary after 20 years in 2018, a senior Air Force commander said. The training courses will be launched for 15-20 students at the National University of Public Service and the air base at Szolnok in central Hungary, the chief of the base told public news channel M1.
Diplomacy&Trade online | December 21, 2017

As the Hungarian dews agency MTI reports, the university will offer two-year general education, to be followed by another two-year on-field training including a 220-hour flight training at the Szolnok base, József Koller said. The degrees will be for fighter plane, helicopter and cargo plane pilots, he added.

The programme is designed to help replace current army pilot staff nearing retirement, as well as to train additional staff for new planes of the Air Force, he said.

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