April 23, 2019 Tuesday
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National holiday
October 23 speeches in the rain
Celebrations of the 61st anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution and uprising against the Stalinist style regime were attened by less people than usual due to the rain that was falling basically all day Sunday in Hungary.
Diplomacy&Trade online | October 24, 2017

Speaking at the House of Terror museum in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán drew parallel between the 1956 events and today. He said the West was just watching the Hungarian freedom fight but did not understand that. The Communists, he said, wanted to turn Hungarians in 'Homo Sovieticus' and today, the forces of globalism want to mould Hungarians into 'Homo Brusselicus' (referring to the headquarters of the European Commission, which Hungarian government politicians usually identify with the EU in their speeches).

On the other hand, the opposition parties accused the government of not handling domestic problems. The president of the right-wing Jobbik party, Gábor Vona said that it is not foreign powers but the current government that is the most intensive enemy of freedom in this country, while the Budapest president of the Socialist Party Ágnes Kunhalmi was of the view that the government hampers the organization of people and the lives of civilians in Hungary.

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