April 23, 2019 Tuesday
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New passenger terminal at Pápa Air Base
The NATO air base in Pápa, western Hungary had its new passenger terminal inaugurated this Wednesday. Hungarian defence minister Tibor Benkő stated in his speech at the opening ceremony that it will mainly serve soldiers of peacekeeping missions.
Diplomacy&Trade online | April 3, 2019

Pápa Air Base was selected in 2007 as the Main Operating Base (MOB) to host the SAC C-17 aircraft. This fighter base, which hosted the Hungarian Defence Forces 47th Tactical Fighter Wing until August 2000, had been chosen as a NATO contingency air base. The base is situated in the heart of Central Europe; 163 km from Budapest, 161 km from Vienna, and 118 km from Bratislava.

From 1 July 2001, as part of national commitments in the NATO Security Investment Program, it serves as a backup airfield for both Hungarian and NATO aircraft and hosts Hungarian Air Force Search and Rescue helicopters. Subsequent infrastructure development, funded by the Hungarian government and the NATO Security Investment Program, contributed to the decision to select Pápa Air Base as the Main Operating Base of the SAC program.

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