April 23, 2019 Tuesday
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Hungaroring: a ten-month makeover next year
Hungaroring, the site of the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix car race is to be completely transformed after next year's event. According to the CEO of Hungaroring, Zsolt Gyulay, it will be difficult to destroy and rebuild the place within ten months.
Diplomacy&Trade online | July 30, 2018

"The difficulty of building and restructuring is that it costs a lot of money, since it's about 130 hectares. On the other hand, every year a race needs to be arranged, that is to say, the place must be demolished and built in ten months, because the construction cannot exceed its planned period," Zsolt Gyulay said in a television interview on Monday.

He was of the view that "the Hungarian Grand Prix has a very good tradition and it is very Hungarian. the track is a bit old-fashioned but it is afavorite for pilots, fans, everyone. The proximity of Budapest is a determinant factor." At the same time, he acknowledged that the 33-year-old facility was aging and cannot really compete with modern tracks.

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