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Climate-neutral holiday resort in Hungary
While environmental awareness in the world and especially in Europe is increasingly popular, it may be surprising that Hungary has only one climate-neutral residence today, the Irota EcoLodge located in a village in northeastern Hungary.
Diplomacy&Trade online | March 10, 2018

The three luxury holiday homes are run by two Dutch nationals. Particularly interesting is the fact that the villas have a chlorine-free, so-called natural (bio) swimming pool, which is also the first and only commercially operated natural pool in the country.

Dr. Klára Morvay, president of the environmental section of the Association of Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants says that "although, domestic hotels are increasingly focusing on environmental protection, there is no other climate-neutral accommodation in Hungary. Irota EcoLodge's ambition is truly unique in putting so much emphasis on the environment and cares about the carbon footprint."

Irota EcoLodge aims to set an example for the home-based hospitality industry by showing that luxury and a sustainable lifestyle can complement each other perfectly. "We would like to inspire others to try and combine a luxurious lifestyle with environmentally-conscious relaxation. It's nice to do something for the wonderful, almost untouched Hungarian landscape that surrounds our resort,"said Lennard de Klerk, engineer and one of Irota EcoLodge's creators, builders and owners.

As a testimony of the climate-neutral aspects of this extraordinary accommodation, Irota EcoLodge publishes its carbon footprint every year. The current report - covering the operation of the second year - was completed with a result of 203 kg CO2 negative net emissions.

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