March 21, 2019 Thursday
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Automotive industry
| January 11, 2018
Japan's GS Yuasa Corporation, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has announced to establish a manufacturing subsidiary company, GS Yuasa Hungary Ltd. in Hungary and to construct a new plant for lithium-ion batteries.
Automotive industry
| November 21, 2014
The Hungarian unit of Japanese carmaker Suzuki Motor Corp returns to two-shift production this December from one shift, CEO Ryoichi Oura has announced, adding that the serial production of the new Vitara model will be launched in January next year.
Automotive industry
| March 4, 2013
Japanese car parts maker TS Tech Co. Ltd. is setting up a plant in Százhalombatta, south of the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The Hungarian subsidiary, TS Tech Hungary Ltd., is to be established with a capital of EUR 3 million.
Witty Leaks
Japanese ambassador Tadamichi Yamamoto | June 27, 2014
In Diplomacy & Trade’s Witty Leaks series, diplomats give their personal account of the experiences of their “excursions” to Hungarian culture, art, gastronomy and landscape. This time, the topic is the enjoyment of health spas and wine tasting.
Cultural Interview
Réka A. Francisck | November 9, 2012
The Japan Foundation, Budapest encourages cultural collaboration between Hungary and Japan by organizing programs and making contributions to various festivals and exhibitions in the fields of film, dance, theater, literature and photography.
'The Club'
| December 14, 2016
Diplomacy & Trade held its Japan themed 'The Club' event at the Sushi Sei restaurant in Budapest on the occasion of Diplomacy & Trade's December issue focus on Japan. The patron of the event was the Japanese Ambassador to Hungary, Junichi Kosuge.
Ambassadors in Budapest
| January 3, 2017
“Japan and Hungary are important partners in the international community, and we have been contributing to the resolution of regional and international issues," Japanese Ambassador Junichi Kosuge tells a recent issue of Diplomacy&Trade.
Ambassadors in Budapest
| May 13, 2015
Japan and Hungary share common values such as democracy, rule of law, market economy, basic human rights, freedom of the press and the freedom of expression,” Japanese Ambassador Junichi Kosuge tells the Japan focus of Diplomacy & Trade.
Ambassadors in Budapest
| October 29, 2012
A recent issue of Diplomacy & Trade carried an interview with the Japanese Ambassador to Hungary, Tetsuo Ito who looked at the various aspects of relations between the two countries. He has since left Hungary with his term expiring here.
Sándor Laczkó | May 22, 2015
The Hungary-Japan Economic Club (MJGK) was founded in 1971 to assist with information, events and contacts (companies and individuals) interested in economic co-operation between Hungary and Japan and to aid in the improvement of those relations.
Economic relations
| November 19, 2012
A recent issue of Diplomacy & Trade has run a piece on the Japanese organization SHOKOKAI in its Japanese country focus section. The organization is exchanging information that can be useful for the management of the Japanese companies present in Hungary.
Economic relations
| November 5, 2012
The President of the Hungary-Japan Economic Club, Sándor Kiss, has been involved in bilateral relations for three decades. In the Japanese Focusof the a recent issue of Diplomacy & Trade, he talked about the past and present of these relations.
| August 6, 2015
Father Dr. Péter Nemeshegyi, a 93 year old Hungarian Jesuit priest who lived and worked in Japan for 37 years, knew some of the surviving priests who were close to the bombing sites in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On the 70th anniversary of the first nuclear attack in history, he recalls what they told him of their experiences.
| January 9, 2018
The Japanese Ambassador to Hungary, Kuni Sato handed over Japan's state award, the Order of Gold and Silver Rays of the Rising Sun to Kossuth Prize winner Hungarian conductor Dénes Szabó in the Kodály Zoltán Primary School in Nyíregyháza.
Private visit
| August 21, 2017
Japan's Prince Akishino and his eldest daughter, Princess Mako, are on a private trip to Hungary. On Sunday, they visited a pig farm in Bugac, southeast of Budapest, while earlier, they were welcomed at the Museum of Ethnography in the Hungarian capital.
Bilateral relations
| November 22, 2013
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán paid a visit to Japan where he held talks with his Japanese counterpart Abe Shindzo, delivered speeches on his government's opening towards Asia and was also received by Emperor Akahito.
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