March 21, 2019 Thursday
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Airline industry
| February 14, 2019
Starting from September 2, 2019, LOT Polish Airlines will operate flights to the Belgian and Romanian capitals twice a day (twelve times a week) with a modern Embraer 195 aircraft based in Budapest, Budapest Airport has announced.
Aviation industry
| May 10, 2018
The growth in passenger traffic broke all previous records at Budapest Airport during the first quarter of 2018. The increase of 16.9% is nearly triple the 6.2% average growth rate of EU airports, a statement by the airport management company says.
Airline industry
| May 2, 2018
The Polish national airline, LOT, launched its first direct flight between the Hungarian capital and the southern Polish city of Kraków this Wednesday. The airline's Bombardier Dash 8 planes fly this route six times a week with a flight time of one hour.
Aerospace industry
| April 13, 2018
Budapest Airport and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have concluded a partnership agreement. As a result, some of the international trainings organized by IATA can be held in the Hungarian capital, at Budapest Airport.
| February 2, 2018
Budapest Airport opened a new VIP service which offers exclusivity, relaxation, comfort and personal touch – everything for those passengers with premier travel standards in mind and those wanting a little more style and luxury.

Transport industry
| January 12, 2018
Traffic at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport in 2017 grew at an unprecedented pace: 13.1 million passengers used the airport last year, and the volume of air cargo also broke the record with more than 127.000 tons in total.
Airline industry
| August 17, 2017
Fourteen racehorses bred in Hungary were flown to China last week, on board Cargolux’s Boeing 747. The Friesian and Shagya Arabian horses, trained specifically for combined driving, took off from Budapest Airport in special freight containers.
Airline industry
| July 27, 2017
German air carrier Lufthansa will modify its timetable and increase its number of flights between Budapest and Frankfurt. Starting from 11 December 2017, it will fly on this route five times a day and will also have an adjusted timetable.
Aviation industry
| July 24, 2017
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is taking part in a financial restructuring of Budapest Airport Co. Ltd. with the aim to attract greater international investment and improve the airport’s operational performance.
Airline industry
| March 17, 2016
Budapest Airport says it has achieved a unique triple success as it won the title of 'Best Airport in the Eastern Europe region' for the third consecutive year. The award was handed over at the ‘Passenger Terminal EXPO’ in Cologne, Germany.
Aviation industry
| December 10, 2015
At noon this Wednesday, the number of passengers at Budapest Airport this year officially reached 10 million – the number of people who used the airport in 2015 equals the population of Hungary, which is the highest traffic record of all time, so far.
Aviation industry
| July 31, 2015
Budapest Airport has welcomed its one millionth passenger in a single month, for the first time in its history. Tamás Hadik and his wife, from the Qatar Airways flight from Doha, were in for a special surprise as the passenger count reached 1,000,000 in July.
Aviation industry
| June 2, 2015
In an historic return, Spain's national carrier, Iberia, and its low-cost subsidiary, Iberia Express, have launched a six-days-a-week seasonal service between the capitals of Spain and Hungary, also facilitating access from Budapest to other cities in Span and Latin America.
| May 7, 2015
It was 65 years ago on this day that the new airport of the Hungarian capital commenced operation. On May 7, 1950, a Li-2 passenger aircraft flew to Ferihegy from nearby Budaörs Airport. This marked the beginning of civil aviation at Budapest Airport.
Aviation industry
| March 20, 2015
Budapest Airport was declared the winner of the ‘Best Airport in Eastern Europe’ award by British aviation analysts Skytrax. The award was received by Péter Huszka, chief operating officer for Budapest Airport, at the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2015 in Paris.
Airline industry
| December 5, 2014
Jost Lammers, the chief executive officer of Budapest Airport received a high-ranking accolade from the Hungarian National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers. He was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” at an award gala held at the Palace of Arts.
Aviation industry
| February 1, 2013
Passenger traffic at Budapest Airport decreased by less than 4.7% last year, in spite of the loss of its base carrier and the protracted global economic crisis. The airport handled a total of 8,504,020 departing and arriving passengers in 2012.
Aviation industry
| December 13, 2012
The Aviation Authority has launched administrative proceedings to investigate the circumstances of a technical fault that forced Liszt Ferenc International Airport to shut down on December 7 from noon on Friday till Saturday morning.
Aviation industry
| December 8, 2012
Traffic returned to normal on Saturday afternoon as Budapest Airport was re-opened following shutdown of its operation just before noon on Friday due to electric problems. The problem was fixed and flights resumed from 7 a.m. on Saturday
Aviation industry
| November 27, 2012
Budapest Airport is set to develop a new business park area on the southern edge of the airport. Although, the area has been out of use for long time, it was marked in the development plans as the site of a future business and commercial park.
Aviation industry
| May 30, 2012
The last departing flight from Terminal 1 at Budapest Airport left for Stuttgart, Germany Tuesday night. The terminal is expected to be closed for five years for reduced traffic. So, as of May 30, all carriers use Terminal 2.
Aviation industry
| May 3, 2012
Budapest Airport has signed 5-year lease agreements with two of the surviving Malév subsidiaries, Malév Ground Handling and Aeroplex that carry on their service operations at the airport, serving their corporate partners.
Aviation industry | June 10, 2011
A recent government decision has approved plans for Hungary to divest its stake in Budapest Airport, the company which operates the city’s Ferihegy Airport. The decision has appeared in the latest issue of the Hungarian Gazette.
Aviation industry
Sándor Laczkó | April 20, 2011
The entire management and the offices of Malév Hungarian Airlines will move to Budapest’s international airport. According to plans, three modernized office buildings await the some 600 employees of the company.
Réka A. Francisck | March 18, 2011
Terminals 2A and 2B of Budapest's international airport are now linked with a new building, SkyCourt. Airport management and the architects hope that the new building will enchant foreigners visiting the Hungarian capital.
| June 27, 2017
The open-air museum Aeropark, expanded and relocated within the territorry of Budapest Airport, has re-opened to the public. It presents a unique collection of aeroplanes from the history of Hungarian civilian aviation.
| September 4, 2017
This is the fifth year that Budapest Airport organized its hugely successful charity running race the Runway Run, an event unique in the whole of Europe. This past week-end, the airport operator closed runway No. 1 - or actually opened it for over a thousand runners.
| January 14, 2013
Snow that began to fall Sunday night and continued Monday morning hinders traffic in the Hungarian capital. Roads both in Budapest and Western Hungary are snowy and skiddy, motorists are advised to stay home or use the means of community transport.
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