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Startup Campus V4 Global Tour
Enterprise Hungary will launch the 'Startup Campus V4 Global Tour' event in February 2018, whereby innovative companies in the V4 countries will be able to introduce themselves to investors and large business partners.
Diplomacy&Trade online | February 5, 2018

The main objective of the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour is to boost the discoverability of the Visegrád Group (V4) regional startup ecosystem, specifically highlighting the economic and innovation potential of the V4 countries – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The tour across ten cities and venues worldwide aims to promote this region, with special focus on the V4 countries.

According to Zsolt Kovács, the Managing Director of Enterprise Hungary, the initiator and main organizer of the program, “the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour is a gateway for the V4 region’s innovations and startup entrepreneurs. This event series gives startups the opportunity to access ten international startup centers where they can introduce their ideas at independent V4-centric side events within the framework of the larger technology events. This initiative aims to make the V4 region more discoverable to investors, large corporations and professional partners.”

8-10 early-stage V4 startup teams that have prototypes and have received investments or are already on the market will be able to join these international startup events. The tour consists of conferences, exhibitions and events worldwide, complemented by V4-centric sub or satellite events. The main purpose of these events is to connect startups with important investors and to create a suitable startup environment with various interactive workshops, conferences and round table discussions.

The ministerial commissioner of the current Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrád Group, Krisztina Varjú pointed out that one of the political aims set for the Hungarian Presidency has been what she termed as ‘Digital Visegrád’, that is, to create a competitive region that contributes to the competitiveness of the European Union by helping innovative companies. “Our objective is investing into the future. We would like to concentrate on research and development and innovation not only within the framework of Hungary but also by coopering with regional partners,” she said.

The first stop on the Startup Campus V4 roadshow is the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) in Istanbul, Turkey on February 18-20, 2018. The other destinations are Berlin, New York, Vienna, London, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Dubai and Los Angeles.

For each of the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour events, 8-10 innovative startup companies operating within the V4 region will be selected and given the opportunity to introduce themselves to international markets. Startup Campus will organize V4-centric side events at each stop in coordination with local embassies, sponsors and event organizers, which will serve as an excellent opportunity for the outgoing startups to achieve fundraising or market expansion.

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