April 23, 2019 Tuesday
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Nine percent increase in tourism nights
In February 2018, the number of nights spent by international tourists increased by 7.4% and that of nights spent by domestic tourists by 11% compared to the level a year earlier. Total gross revenues grew by 12% at current prices in accommodation establishments.
Diplomacy&Trade online | April 10, 2018

According to the Central Statistical Office, the number of international tourist arrivals grew by 6.4% and that of international tourism nights by 7.4%, approaching 777,000. The turnover measured in tourism nights significantly increased in each type of accommodation. In hotels accounting for nine tenths of tourism nights, the rate of growth was 5.4%. The number of foreign tourism nights increased in all tourism regions except Western Transdanubia.

The number of domestic tourist arrivals increased by 10% and that of domestic tourism nights by 11%, exceeding 784,000. Turnover measured in tourism nights increased in each type of accommodation except holiday houses. Growth was 10% in hotels realizing more than eight tenths of domestic tourism nights. Domestic tourist arrivals decreased only at Lake Tisza representing a small share.

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