March 25, 2019 Monday
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Financial markets
Hungarian forint hits all time low
The Hungarian currency, the forint began Wednesday trading at 326 units to one euro. Then, a morning waning wave had flown it to 327.3, before another fall early evening resulted in the common European currency being worth HUF 328 – an all-time low for the Hungarian currency, the financial website reports.
Diplomacy&Trade online | June 27, 2018

The financial site believs it is alarming that among the regional currencies, the forint is still falling while the Polish zloty has stagnated and the Czech koruna could slightly gain momentum after the recent increase in interest rates.

The HUF rate also fell to a 13-month low against the US dollar. Analysts beleieve that the National Bank of Hungary, which emphasizes that its goal is maintain price stability, will sooner or later have to do something otherwise the HUF rate against the major currencies will continue to fall.

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