April 23, 2019 Tuesday
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Diplomats of the future seek solutions for global problems
The Eötvös József Secondary School from the fifth district is holding the Budapest International Model United Nations (BIMUN) conference simulating the work of the UN for the ninth time between April 11th and 16th. Through modelling the work of the global organization, more than 300 students from 15 countries are searching for the answers to global challenges of the present and the future alike.
Diplomacy&Trade online | April 15, 2019
The aim of BIMUN is to facilitate the debate of high school students on a wide range of
issues, from security to environment and agriculture, through the simulation of the work of
specialized organs of the United Nations.
This is a great opportunity for the next generation to think, learn and talk about global problems. Furthermore, it is a fantastic occasion for them to make their voices heard, since the conference’s organizer team has the opportunity to share the resolutions created by the committees with the real UN.

BIMUN is unique not only in this, but also in the fact that apart from minimal help from their teachers, the entire conference is organised by a 30-strong student team of Eötvös József Secondary School.
This year, participants from the following 15 countries arrived to Budapest for the debates:
Egypt, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Iran, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain,
Senegal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Turkey.

The motto of this year’s conference is Equal opportunities – shared responsibilities.
During the English-language conference, delegates represent the policies and interests of
nations other than their own, through arguments of logic, rhetoric and emotions.
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