November 18, 2018 Sunday
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Automotive industry
Transmission manufacturing expanded in Eger
The German company ZF continues to manufacture its eight-speed automatic transmission for leading automotive companies in Eger, E Hungary. The choice of the venue was supported by the professional expertise of the staff working there and the excellent infrastructure, too.
Diplomacy&Trade online | September 6, 2018

Built with an investment of almost EUR 100 million, this 40,000 square metre production hall can produce 150,000 transmissions every year. The investment realised in the Eger Industrial Park shall create 770 new jobs by the end of 2019.

With its traditions of more than hundred years, the company is one of the biggest engine, steering system and running gear production groups of the world, employing as many as 146,000 persons in almost 40 countries and 230 sites. In 2017, it realised a price revenue of more than EUR 36 billion and the Group spends around 6 to 7 % of its price revenue per year (that is, EUR 2.23 billion in 2017) on research and development, focussing especially on efficient and electric propulsion and on a world without accidents. ZF transmissions are included in Volvo, Renault, Volkswagen, Nissan and MAN vehicles, among others, the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency reports.

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