March 25, 2019 Monday
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Seeking the country's best brewers
Sopron Brewery has announced a contest in which it is seeking the best home brewer and the most sophisticated beer experts. During the First Sopron Beer Competition, the company would like to find the Hungary's best porter and those judges who represent consumers in the jury.
Diplomacy&Trade online | June 22, 2018

A statement by the company says the Soproni brand has long been committed to home brewery: the historical legacy is cultivated by brewing its beers from Hungarian ingredients in the Sopron Brewery, which has been operating for 123 years.

For the Hungarian brewery industry and Soproni brand, the knowledge that amateur and professional beer lovers have been accumulating in the crafts brewery over the past decades is important, as this has led to the popularity of the beer specialties of the 'Óvatos Duhaj' (Cautios Gambler) family. This is why it is the aim of Soproni to find the country's most talented home brewers during the First Sopron Beer Competition to help the further development of the Hungarian beer culture.

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