April 23, 2019 Tuesday
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Energy industry
MVM to build Hungary's largest solar power plant
The town of Felsőzsolca in northeastern Hungary has accepted the proposal of state-owned Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM), which envisages the construction of the largest solar power plant in the country, with installed capacity of 20 MW.
Diplomacy&Trade online | March 6, 2018

MVM is planning to set up 74,000 solar panels stretching over 45 hectares of land. As the Hungarian news agency MTI quoted the regional daily Észak-Magyarország, the future plant, for which MVM has budgeted almost HUF 3.1 billion (some EUR 10 million), will supply electricity to over 11,000 households.

According to the Hungarian energy regulator (MEKH), commercial solar power capacity in Hungary is set to rise to 2,100 MW by the end of 2018, exceeding the capacity of the country’s sole nuclear power plant. MEKH noted that solar power plants operate on average for 1,050-1,200 hours per year in Hungary, generating enough power for 250 households for each half a megawatt of capacity.

In 2015, commercial power generation capacity using renewable resources stood at 837 MW, MEKH said. Hungary introduced a new system of feed-in tariffs for power generators that use renewable resources from the start of 2017. Under the system, cost-based prices are paid for power generated using renewable resources, providing an incentive for investments in green energy.

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