April 23, 2019 Tuesday
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Energy industry
Hungary's largest solar park inaugurated
The largest photovoltaic facility in the country, a solar power plant of 22.6 megawatts, was handed over to Mátra Power Plant (ME) Co. Ltd. in Bükkábrány, NE Hungary this Wednesday. The value of the investment is HUF 5.4 billion (nearly EUR 17 million).
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Following a record time of five months of implementation after the ground-breaking ceremony last September, the Bükkábrány photovoltaic power plant began its pilot operation in February, and it will reach maximum performance – similarly to other solar power plants – during the summer months. That is according to the Development and Strategic Director of the company, Zoltán Orosz.

The investment project was carried out in a 33-hectare, re-cultivated area of a former reservoir by the Bükkábrány Photovoltaic Power Plant Ltd, 100% owned by ME. The main contractor was a consortium of SPIE Hungária Ltd. and the German Bejulo Gmbh. The investment was realized from the power plant’s own resources and from a credit provided by Gránit Bank Co. Ltd.

The power plant consists of almost 64,000 fixed polycrystalline solar cells with a rated output of 355 watts each. The facility can supply about 10,000 households with electricity, with an annual output of 25 gigawatt hours. Commercial sales have already begun, and at the time of the test period, the power plant supplied the company’s Bükkábrány mine, saving significant costs. The generated electricity is fed into the network of the electricity company ÉMÁSZ.

The goal of the company is to maintain its market position with renewable energy developments, i.e., Mátra Power Plant Co. Ltd. will continue to produce one fifth of domestic production and 15% of the electricity consumed in Hungary, Zoltán Orosz added.

Thanks to this solar power plant, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 25,000 tons.

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