March 25, 2019 Monday
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2017, a record year in Hungarian flat sales
In December 2017, 9,787 real estate transactions took place in Hungary, which is a decrease compared to November, but still higher than in the last month of the previous year, according to the real estate company Duna House's latest transaction estimate.
Diplomacy&Trade online | January 8, 2018 reports that according to annual seasonality, the number of real estate sales decreased by the end of the year, but growth was still 6% compared to December 2016. Comparing the last quarter of the two years, we can see that the estimated number of transactions increased by 10% compared to 2016. As one could expect, the decrease in the second half of 2016 did not recur in 2017, the figures showed a much more balanced picture during the year.

Duna House estimates that there was a total of 148,896 transactions in 2017, which is not really short of the 154,000 figure in 2008. According to Central Statistical Office data, 146 302 real estate transactions took place in 2016, but the degree of uncertainty regarding the estimation is higher than usual, as there is insufficient data on the amount of new construction transfers.

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