October 10, 2015 Saturday
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| October 9, 2015
New NATO command center to be set up in HungaryNATO would set up new force integration units (NFIU) in Slovakia and Hungary to complement the six existing units in Eastern Europe. Hungarian Defence Minister István Simicskó says the unit will boost Hungary’s security without endangering anyone.
Regional cooperation
| October 8, 2015
Visegrád Four presidential meeting in BalatonfüredThe heads of states of the Visegrad Group (V4) and Croatia are holding a two-day summit in the town of Balatonfüred in Hungary. The main topics of the talks are the immigration crisis, the climate-change and the situation in Western Balkans.
National day
| October 7, 2015
Korean National Day reception in BudapestAmbassador Yim Geun-Hyeong welcomed guests at theKorean National Day reception held at the Korean Cultural Center in Budapest and organized within the framework of the K-Culture Festival comprising several modern and traditional cultural events.
Quote of the week
I take a very dim view, a very dim view. Hungary is part of Europe. Europe has values and these values are not respected by putting up wire fences.
- Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister
Agrarian industry
| October 5, 2015
Demonstration against the sale of state-owned landHungary's green LMP party organised a demonstration in protest against the privatisation of state land, blocking one lane of several major roads throughout the country. The move is against “one of the biggest privatisation deals of the past 25 years.”
| October 2, 2015
Hungarian foreign trade posts significant surplus In July 2015, the volume of exports and imports was up by 6% and 3.4%, respectively, year-on-year. Thus, foreign trade surplus rose to EUR 646 million in the month of July 2015, while the surplus accumulated in the period January-July 2015 reached EUR 4.9 bn.
| September 30, 2015
V4 calls for global cooperationFollowing roundtable discussions on migration, Minister of State at the Prime Minister’s Office Szabolcs Takács said that, according to the V4, European-level cooperation is not enough: global efforts are needed to manage the problems posed by illegal migration.
Business club
| September 29, 2015
Diplomacy & Trade Club SingaporeThe Diplomacy & Trade Club held its latest business club event with close to a hundred people attending at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest following a recent special focus on relations between Hungary and Singapore in Diplomacy & Trade.
| September 28, 2015
Hungarian gov't takes out EUR 500 mn loanThe European Investment Bank (EIB) is granting EUR 500 million, the first tranche of an approved loan amount of EUR 1.5 billion, to Hungary to -as the government claims - co-finance priority projects receiving support from EU funds.
| September 27, 2015
Shortcomings in HungaryThe Government of Hungary does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so, says the U.S. Department of State in its annual Trafficking in Persons Report, published in July.
Int'l relations
| September 25, 2015
Hungarian PM visits Vienna to improve relationsHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán vivited his Austrian counterpart, Chancellor Werner Faymann this Friday to ease tension between the two neighboring countries and discuss what could happen next in the handling of the flow of migrants.
| September 22, 2015
Business confidence index rises high in HungaryIn September 2015, Hungary’s GKI-Erste economic sentiment index adjusted for seasonal effects reached this year’s peak, and the degree of optimism was only slightly lower than at the end of last year, which corresponded to a 17-year high.
| October 6, 2015
Hungary's first post-Communist president, Árpád Göncz passed away in Budapest this Tuesday at the age of 93. He held the presidency, a largely ceremonial post, for two terms (1990-2000) as Hungary moved to a market economy and paved the way into NATO and the EU.
| October 1, 2015
Hungary's László Barta won the Goldsteig Ultrarace in Germany by completing the 661 kilometer long cross-country distance in 143 hours and 57 minutes while compatriot Anna Örsi clocked 169 hours and 45 minutes to win the women's competition.
Roman Kowalski, Ambassador of Poland in Hungary | September 28, 2015
“We did not expect such problems, wars in our vicinity and hundreds of thousands of immigrants at our doorsteps.” - writes Roman Kowalski, Ambassador of Poland in Hungary.
Andrew L. Urban | September 26, 2015
With this year’s harvest, Villány is on the eve of a new marketing campaign, with cabarnet franc leading the way. In a drive to raise the profile of the region, premium Villanyi Franc will be the signature of the region’s already acclaimed reds. Indeed, in time, the words Villanyi Franc may become as globally recognised as the words Tokaji Aszu.
| September 21, 2015
Hungarian Tourism Ltd. has decided to make a short campaign movie along with a photo series to show tourists how safe the country still is, despite of what they call negative propaganda, Hungary Daily News quotes the online portal of the daily Népszabadság.

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