August 4, 2015 Tuesday
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| August 4, 2015
Rio Olympics - 33 Hungarian quotas, so farWith the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil a year and a day away, the Hungarian Olympic Committee has announced that the country already has 33 quotas in four different sports: athletics, sailing, shooting and swimming.
Public transport
| August 3, 2015
The world's largest tram in BudapestEngineers at the Center for Budapest Transport (BKK) have assembled the world's largest tram produced by the Spanish company CAF in Beasain, in the Basque Country province of Spain. Budapest ordered 12 of these 56-meter-long Urbo models.
Aviation industry
| July 31, 2015
Record month at Budapest AirportBudapest Airport has welcomed its one millionth passenger in a single month, for the first time in its history. Tamás Hadik and his wife, from the Qatar Airways flight from Doha, were in for a special surprise as the passenger count reached 1,000,000 in July.
Quote of the week
“If there are indeed four million people living in poverty in this country, then why are you demanding the possibility of shopping on Sundays?”
- László L. Simon, State secretary for the Hungarian Prime Minister's Office
Ambassadors in Budapest
| July 30, 2015
Shared interests and shared responsibilities“Hungary is a country my family already knew well. We had had the opportunity to travel to this country before, and what we have experienced living here is consistent with our experience as visitors," the US Ambassador Colleen Bell tells Diplomacy & Trade.
By Andrew L. Urban | July 28, 2015
Strategic planning is crucial"I came back from the US to Hungary with a business plan for an IT company, and it is highly satisfying to see that idea now a thriving business with almost 100 employees." says Peter Freed, founder of Duna Elektronika.
Service sector
| July 25, 2015
Service industry joined manufacturersIn the early 1990s, market based privatization was the main incentive for foreign investment in Hungary. With privatization virtually complete, Hungary’s main focus in attracting FDI has increasingly shifted to products and services incorporating high value added elements. That is the case with the American investors as well.
Andrew L. Urban | July 24, 2015
A genuine builder from AmericaGeorge Hemingway is a self confessed opportunist, an autocrat – “a benign one” he quickly qualifies – but above all, a builder, not so much of buildings, though that, too with a new Bozsik stadium on the way, but of “organizations, businesses".
| July 29, 2015
A Hungarian-Austrian business partnership is creating a new range of skincare products for men under the brand name SA.AL, with a clever marketing twist: customers can personalise each item.
| July 26, 2015
LogMeIn, a Hungarian born startup company has grown to become one of the world’s leading SaaS companies with over 800 employees in eight offices around the world. Its Budapest-office remains one of the most important development base.
Chamber of commerce
| July 23, 2015
The Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce (SwissCham Hungary) has announced the composition of its new Board of Members and that of its new Board of Supervision. Dr. István Béres has been re-elected for another term as SwissSham Hungary President.
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