July 24, 2016 Sunday
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| July 22, 2016
Red panda twins born in Hungarian animal parkTwo red panda babies were born in the Sóstó Zoo in Nyíregyháza, NE Hungary. Their parents are a breeding pair, Ting-ting and Sichuan that have been living together for two years in the zoo in the framework of the European conservation program.
Airline industry
| July 21, 2016
Wizz Air readjusting fllights to UKHungary-based budget airline Wizz Air reports a jump in profits for the first quarter of 2016. The airline also saw halving of its intended second half growth to the UK and re-deploying this capacity to other non-UK routes due to the outcome of the Brexit vote.
Witty Leaks
Gajus Scheltema, Ambassador of the Netherlands | July 20, 2016
A mountain is there to be climbedIn Its Witty Leaks series, Diplomacy & Trade regularly publishes the personal accounts of ambassadors accrdited in the Hungarian capital. Ihis time, it is the turn of the Dutch ambassador to tell about the challenges for climbing Dutchmen in Transylvania.
Hungarian economy
| July 19, 2016
Hungarian euro within a few years?If the economic processes remain constant and productivity improves further Hungary’s accession to the euro area by the end of this decade "should not be groundless", Economy Minister Mihály Varga is quoted by portfolio.hu as saying .
Quote of the week
The government’s great reform brought about a system that stripped students of the joy of learning and stripped teachers of the joy of teaching. The regime is consciously throwing into poverty an entire new generation. Our patience has run dry. We are here, so as to declare together, that enough is enough. We won’t stand idly by.
- Mrs. Piroska Galló, Head of the Teachers' Trade Union in Hungary
Oil industry
| July 18, 2016
MOL sells Energopetrol stake to INAHungarian oil and gas group MOL has announced that it is selling its minority stake in Energopetrol to INA, its own Croatian subsidiary. The share purchase agreement with INA concerns the sale of MOL's 33.5% equity stake in Energopetrol.
Chamber of commerce
Sándor Laczkó | July 15, 2016
A professionally appreciated organizationThe French-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Hongrie – FHCCI) has been serving the French business community in this country for a quarter of a century. Its President, Miklós Maróthy gave an interview to Diplomacy & Trade.
Transport industry
| July 13, 2016
Uber announces leaving HungaryOn-demand ride share service company Uber is suspending its services in Budapest as of 24 July when new legislation enters into effect, facilitating the blocking of platforms that offer "illegally operating taxi services."
| July 11, 2016
Polish reinforcement to be sent to Hungary borderPoland will send another contingent of border guards to help patrol Hungary’s southern border, Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced after a meeting with his Visegrád Four (V4) counterparts in Warsaw on Monday.
Hungarian economy
| July 8, 2016
Record foreign trade surplus in HungaryThe volume of exports in euro terms was up 6.3% in May 2016, while imports grew 2.4% compared to May 2015, the Central Statistics Office is quoted by portfolio.hu. The foreign trade surplus was EUR 755 mn, setting a new record.
| July 6, 2016
Controversial building project starts in BudapestDemolition works have started in Budapest’s City Park. Dozens of activists trying to prevent workers from starting the demolition of an old building to create space for the House of Hungarian Music were removed by police.
Hungary vs. EU
| July 5, 2016
Anti-quota referendum date setHungarian President János Áder has set the date for the government-initiated referendum on the EU’s mandatory migrant quota scheme for October 2. Opposition parties call for a boycott as they consider it a vote against EU membership.
| July 1, 2016
Bomb-disposal experts killed in HungaryFour military bomb-disposal technicians were killed in an explosion near Nádudvar, in eastern Hungary, on Friday afternoon, the Central Chief Prosecution Office of Investigation said. A fifth technician had suffered serious but not critical injuries in the explosion.
Aviation industry
| June 30, 2016
HUF 50 billion development at Budapest AirportBudapest Airport Co. Ltd. will make a HUF 50 bn investment over the next five years. The program includes a new passenger pier, and the construction of an airport hotel as well as a series logistics and security-related investments will all begin shortly.
| July 14, 2016
Internationally renowned Hungarian writer Péter Esterházy died in Budapest at the age of 66 years. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer.His was reported by the Hungarian news agency MTI, citing the family and the publisher of the author.
Sándor Laczkó | July 12, 2016
India's Minister of State for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Dr. Mahesh Sharma, visited Hungary this June on the occasion of the Ganges-Danube Cultural Festival and the International Day of Yoga. That is when he spoke to Diplomacy & Trade.
| July 7, 2016
Athletes to represent Hungary at the Summer Olymic Games in Rio de Janeiro have taken their oath at the Palace of Arts in Budapest. Although, the qualification process has not, ended, yet, 162 Hungarians have already qualified for the Games.
| July 4, 2016
16-year old Hungarian football talent Krisztofer Szerető has been signed by English Premier League club Stoke City where he is now the third Hungarian youngster. "Let's just follow the path we've designated for ourselves," he writes on his social media page.
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